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Therapeutic Approach

Judy utilizes an eclectic approach to psychotherapy that individualizes treatment according to the uniqueness of each client and his or her specific needs.


santa monica psychotherapyJudy believes in the integrity of each person and his/her family, and therefore uses a personalized approach that is tailored to best meet the specific needs of each client. Judy also values a collaborative process as it benefits people in garnering long term results.

Judy helps her clients to link past experience to present circumstance in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of self, motivation and desired outcome.  Judy’s supportive and empathic manner allows for clients to safely achieve perspective, greater self-awareness and change through the psychotherapeutic process.   She encourages close attention to the identification of clients’ intentions and goals in order to maintain a sense of focus over the course of therapy.


Judy provides feedback that allows people to gain perspective and insight into their difficulties so that they can develop the ability to meet their personal goals. She empowers clients by helping them to realize their strengths so that they can proceed in a realistic and self influenced way. When she assists people with recognizing, understanding and shifting patterns of behavior that are counterproductive for them, they begin to lead more satisfying and happy lives.

Contact Information

Judy Zexter, LCSW, Psychotherapist in Santa Monica

Phone: 310-303-4570

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